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My name is Dominik Kundel and I'm a sociable geek with a passion for front-end web development and web design. At the moment, I'm a Developer Evangelist for Twilio in Berlin, Germany.

I'm originally from Bremen, Germany where I studied Computer Science at Jacobs University Bremen with people from at least 100 different nationalities. This gave me a unique perspective on the world and taught me how to interact with people from all over the world and work with cultural differences.

I loved technology since I was a little kid. My dad got me in contact with technology really early and I was immediately hooked. However, I only started proper coding in my first year of university. This is also the time when I got hooked with web development. Having done mainly design work before college, I was immediately fascinated how quickly I could create beautiful user interfaces for the programs I was developing. Today I love sharing the knowledge that I gathered and that I'm gathering every day, in various settings with people. I always want to learn new things and love sharing these moments with others at hackathons and other occasions. I'm fascinated by the start-up scene and the "Doers not talkers" approach.

Below you can find more details about my three biggest passions, some projects that I did in the past as well as a link to my resume and a way to contact me.


Programming gives me the opportunity to bring my thoughts and ideas into existence. My biggest passions are:

  • Hackathons
  • Web Development
  • Node.JS


I love drawing and designing things. Designing is a nice change from a focus on efficiency and algorithms to beauty and creativity. Throughout time I designed various things including:

  • websites
  • stickers
  • flyers
  • t-shirts
  • roll-ups
  • logos
  • etc.

Sharing Knowledge

Over time I learned a lot from my peers. Today I love giving this back and get other people fascinated by programming. I'm trying this by organizing and mentoring at hackathons, giving tech presentations and helping at introduction to programming workshops such as:


Most of my projects are being created at hackathons. I chose some of the most interesting and successful ones and gave them a stage here. For more projects feel free to check out my profiles below. On my GitHub page, you'll find additionally slides and demos from various presentations I gave.

jacobsHack!2015-02-01 to date

In February 2014, I co-founded jacobsHack! with the goal to promote hackathons at the university and motivate students to work on projects outside of their academic schedule. The first edition took place in the study area of a college dorm for 24-hours and was an internal hackathon. In October 2014 we took jacobsHack! to a bigger venue on campus and opened registrations for students outside of Jacobs University Bremen. We managed to secure top sponsors and got amazing feedback on the event. After graduating, I moved into an advisory role helping the new main organizers to create the third edition of jacobsHack! in October 2015 with 180 participants. Additionally, I took over jobs that were doable remotely such as the maintenance of the registration portal and getting the main organizers in contact with potential sponsors.


  • Secured major sponsors such as Microsoft, Google and SAP for the first and second edition.

  • The first open edition in Fall 2014 had 85 participants from all over Europe and the USA.

  • In Fall 2015 we had 180 participants from 20 countries and 40 nationalities.


  • Designed logo as well as most promotional material in 2014 and 2015. Including stickers, t-shirts, sweatpants, jackets, rollups, etc.

  • Created the landing pages for 2014 and 2015.

  • Created the custom registration portal.

Website Code

Mind The App2015-02-28 to 2015-03-01

At KairosHacks 2015, we decided to create an app that allows you to easily create quick contextual reminders. These reminders could be associated either with websites you visit in your browser or apps you open on your phone. Being connected to the cloud using Azure Mobile Services it allows you to set a quick reminder on the go that the next time you open Amazon on your computer you want to order a certain item.



  • Created a Chrome extension connected to Azure Mobile Services.

  • Designed logo and appearance of the app/extension.

Source Code

Dare.2013-11-23 to 2013-11-24

There is nothing more fun than to challenge and get challenged. Challenges are everywhere on the web and offline. Some are charity challenges like the ice bucket challenge others are just fun. We decided to create an app at AngelHack Barcelona 2013 that allows you to easily create challenges to your friends and allow them an easy way of confirming completion of the challenge. Alternatively, you could submit public challenges to hand out prizes which is especially useful for music artists and other celebrities to promote their products. All of this was combined with a gamification factor that allowed you to gain points for the completion of challenges.



  • Worked on the Node.JS based back-end.

  • Designed logo and appearance of the Android app.

Server CodeAndroid App Code

Social Roadtrip2012-09-11

This was a project that I created with a friend at the first hackathon we ever attended. It was an 8-hour hackathon by the Facebook World Hack tour in Berlin. We had the idea for the app due to the nature of our university. Studying at an international university, our friends would spread all over the world, especially during summer. As a result, you would end up figuring out usually only way too late that a fellow was in the same city as you. This web app allowed you to plot the trip you were planning to travel on a map and it would inform you about the friends that would be close by the route. This way you could get in contact with them and get a place to crash or meet up for a pint. The project was built with the Google Maps API, the Facebook Graph API and a Node.JS backend.


  • Best Overall App at Facebook World Hack Berlin 2012


  • Worked on the UI involving Google Maps and the Facebook Graph API

For more projects check out my profiles below

My GitHub ProfileMy CodePen Profile


This is just an excerpt of my resume. For the whole resume please follow the link in the bottom of this section. It will allow you to download you a full version as a PDF.


Jacobs University Bremen
2011-09 to 2014-06

Bachelor of Science in Computer ScienceBremen, Germany

Graduated with a GPA of 1.85 (German Scale)

Bachelor thesis topic: Performance Improvement, Mobile Development and Feature Implementation for PlanetServer. Grade: 1.0

work experience

2016-04 to date

Developer EvangelistBerlin, Germany

Serving developer communities in Berlin and around the world with the mission to inspire and equip developers.

  • Contributing to open source projects
  • Speaker at various conferences and meetups.
  • Live streaming coding on

Microsoft Corporation
2014-11 to 2016-03

Software EngineerDublin, Ireland

Member of the Marketplace team in the Office Extensibility division. Developing features for the Office Store and the respective in-client experiences.

  • Owner of Usability and UI. Providing training and guidelines for UI development.
  • Member of the Office Open Source experts providing assistance inside the Office organization for consuming/contributing to OSS.

2014-02 to date

Co-founder and Advisor, former Main-OrganizerBremen, Germany

Founded jacobsHack! as an initially internal hackathon at Jacobs University Bremen to motivate fellow students to work on cool projects outside of the academic schedule. Main-organized the first externally open jacobsHack! edition in October 2014 as one of the first student hackathons in Europe. Currently active as an advisor for what is at the moment the most international student hackathon in Europe.

  • Secured more than 20,000€ from sponsors such as Microsoft, Google and SAP.
  • In Fall 2015 180 students from 20 countries and 40 nationalities participated.

2014-05 to 2014-08

Google Summer of Code StudentSan Francisco, CA, USA

Improved the coding experience in the CodeCombat editor by by extending the Ace-based editor with various new features such as an improved autocomplete.

Jacobs University Bremen
2013-09 to 2014-06

Teaching AssistantBremen, Germany

Providing support for the students by holding tutorials, reviewing and grading code assignments and providing on-site assistance during lectures.

  • Programming in Java Courses
  • Software Engineering Lab

Microsoft Corporation
2013-06 to 2013-08

Software Development Engineer in Test InternRedmond, WA, USA

Developed a Local, Component-level Monitoring prototype using an existing, proven monitoring technology within Office365. Provided feedback to the owning engineering on SDK changes required for broader adoption.

2012-07 to 2012-08

Developer InternPotsdam, Germany

Built user interfaces based on the SAP in-memory database system HANA using two different HTML5 and JavaScript based SAP toolkits.

  • Created guidelines for developing applications with SAP UI 5
  • Used expertise in web development to consult the team in the process of developing a new prototype.


2015-02 to 2016-03

Teacher and Dojo-Expert for HTML/CSS/JSDublin, Ireland

Global movement of free coding clubs for young people. Assisting in the local Microsoft Dublin chapter of CoderDojo, running bi-weekly classes to teach young people HTML/CSS/JS and give support for other programming questions.

The Garage
2015-06 to 2016-03

Committee MemberDublin, Ireland

Part of the committee running the Dublin chapter of The Garage. Providing the employees at Microsoft Ireland an environment where they can be creative and work on side projects. Additionally helping to organize bi-weekly SLAC (Skip Lunch And Code) sessions where members can gather, present technology, and ask for input or support. Occasionally giving talks about modern web development or other fascinating technologies.

Computer Science Club
2011-09 to 2014-06

Member and PresidentBremen, Germany

Initially a member and from 2013 to 2014 president of the CS Club at Jacobs University. Organized the yearly Linux Install Fest for freshmen, weekly meetings with various (technical) presentations, preparation sessions for tech interviews and mock interviews with members of the CS Club. Founded jacobsHack! during the duration of the presidency.

Viva Con Agua e.V.
2011-06 to 2014-11

Supporter and member of the local chapterBremen, Germany

Viva Con Agua is a non-profit organization that is trying to solve fresh water problems in countries with the lack of easy access to freshwater installments and sanitary areas. In order to achieve that Viva Con Agua collaborates with artists and musicians to find creative ways of raising money. Raised money at concerts and events of supporting artists and worked on new creative ways to raise money.


Programming / Scripting Languages
  • JavaScript/TypeScript
  • HTML
  • C++
  • C#
  • Java
  • Ruby
  • Node.JS / Express
  • Angular.JS
  • Backbone.JS
  • Ionic / Cordova


German:  mother tongue
English:  bilingual proficiency


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